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8 things to do the first year with baby

embracing the velvet trend

what to pack for the hospital

freezer meals

army green trench coat

things to know for post-pregnancy

8 things to do in the first year of your baby's life

As we get closer and closer to the arrival of baby #2, I'm remembering some of the things we were encouraged to do (or learned to do!) after Roy was born. Some were simple, some were hard, all were worth it! Maybe 1 or 2 will resonate with you if you've entered into parenthood in the last year. :)

1. Go on a date with your spouse without your baby. This one is SO important. Find a family member or close friend to come over and be with your child and leave the house. Even if it's just for a quick 30 minute coffee date...go! The earlier you do this the easier it is.

Tip: Go during nap time or after they're down for the night if you're worried about feeding or diapering or anything like that (although I'm sure Grandma or Grandpa will want to get some good cuddles with your baby)!

2. Take your baby to a restaurant with you. Again, the earlier the better. We used to time it out that we would get to dinner as Roy was napping and be home in time for his next feeding since breastfeeding was a struggle for me. When they're really little they sleep a LOT so take advantage of it!

3. Take your baby to Target (or the grocery store, etc), by yourself. The first time I survived Target with Roy I felt like an absolute champ. I went in only needing a couple things so it was the shortest trip ever but it conquered any fear I had with running errands with him. Now I LOVE taking him to Target because he has a ton of fun looking at everything and talking to everyone and we have a blast!

4. Share your frustrations with someone. Is your baby not napping and you're ready to rip your hair out? Call or text someone. Is breastfeeding so hard and you don't feel like you can do it anymore? Call or text someone. Are you just so exhausted and need to hear it's all going to get better? Call or text someone. Being a mom, especially a stay at home mom, is lonely so find a few friends who have been there and get them on speed dial. I can't tell you how many times I called my sister only for her to tell me "it's ok. it's normal to feel like that. it's going to get better". Just hearing those words made things seem less awful. You are NOT a bad mom for complaining about your child. You are a normal mom - we all get frustrated!

5. Ask questions! My cousin is a NICU nurse so I can't tell you how many pictures of poop or videos of Roy being a normal baby (when I was convinced he was having a seizure or something) she got. After she had her first baby a few months ago, I was happy to answer questions she had (and bonus, she felt ok asking me questions since she answered all MY crazy questions!).

6. Moms - let Dad help. The best thing you can do to empower Dad to bond with the baby and help out is to let him! He can do bath times or change diapers in the middle of the night. He can give a bottle once in a while or do tummy time each morning. Just because you're breastfeeding doesn't mean he can't have a role, you both just need to figure out what that is!

Rishi works long hours so he would do bedtime most nights - feeding Roy a bottle, getting him in pjs and putting him down. It really helped them bond especially in those early months.

7. Dads - get involved! It can be super intimidating in the beginning if you haven't been around kids but you'll figure it out! Roy hated it when Rishi held him the way I always did which was so frustrating for RIshi but he quickly realized Roy loved it when he held him belly down on his arm (which Roy would never let me do). Bonus points go to dads who take the kid out of the house (a short stroll around the block, anyone?) so mom can take a bath or simply sit in silence for 15 minutes.

 8. Laugh at yourself! For the first 7 months of Roy's life we didn't know there was such a thing as nighttime diapers. When we were in Disney with my family (and waking up to a soaked Roy every morning) my sister asked us if had tried them. Umm nope! Talk about a game changer! Also a game changer was putting his diaper on way tighter than we were (also one of her suggestions). You aren't a bad parent if you make mistakes! That's how you learn! I'm just thankful someone suggested improvements and we listened! Now we laugh at ourselves about that (as well as lots of other things) and share with new parents about the glory of night time diapers. ;)

all photos taken by Rebecca Petersen

I'm sure there are lots more tips and ideas for that first year of new baby but these are a few of our favorites! What's one thing you did the first year that I missed?

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fall fashion - embracing the velvet trend

I'm really not one to jump on every new style trend that comes out the second it hits the runway. If it works for me and I love it, then heck yes I'll try it but if it doesn't fit my personal style then I won't rush out and buy the latest and greatest fashion item only to have it sit in my closet or feel really awkward wearing it.

I've been kinda on the fence about the velvet trend that's popping up everywhere, but since I'm obsessed with layering pieces (hello fall!) and jackets lately (hello baby bump!) and have a friend who let me try out the new Cabi velvet jacket I decided to go for it.

I paired it with a flowy red top (well, it would be flowy if you weren't 9 months pregnant), black leggings (ideally black skinny jeans but again...pregnancy) and black heels and since I love mixing metals I added gold jewelry to the mix (the Activator necklace + Isha earrings). And surprise, surprise, I love it! 

This specific jacket was super comfortable but also made me feel completley put together and polished - exactly what I want in a jacket!! I hate jackets that are stiff and uncomfortable (tip, find one that is a cotton blend).

Being short waisted, I always like to pair shorter jackets with longer tops underneath to give the illusion that I have a longer torso than I actually do. I used to shy away from jackets that didn't land past my waist but now I just style them a little better! ;)

In case you want to shop my exact outfit my jacket is from Cabi, red top is also Cabi and leggings are Blanqi. Shoes are old and I can't find the exact style but I've linked similar ones and other fun velvet jackets below. (Just for the record, this is in now way sponsored by Cabi or any other brand...I just like this top!)

What are your thoughts on the velvet trend? Love it? Hate it? Unsure? :) As always, thanks for reading!  xo

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what you actually need to pack in your hospital bag

Before Roy was born I spent countless hours on the internet looking for lists about what to bring to the hospital when you have your baby. When it actually came time to use the things on these lists, I realized that most of them had you pack WAY more than you actually need and most of them didn't have things that I actually wanted! Thankfully we live 5 minutes from the hospital so Rishi ended up going home and getting stuff that I actually wanted.

Every person is different in what they will want and need when they deliver their baby but here are the things that I think you definitely should pack...and also what you DON'T need!

For you:

1. Nursing bra and/or nursing tank (if you're planning on nursing)

2. Nursing cover (you may not use it but it's nice to have - especially ones that double as a car seat cover like Milk Snob's in case it's cold when you leave the hospital)

3. Leggings (I brought sweatpants when I had Roy but wanted leggings so the ice pack/pad/witch hazel sandwhich in my mesh undies stayed up where it was supposed to. I have Blanqi's post partum leggings for this time around!)

4. Outfit to go home in (something loose or stretchy since you'll still look quite a few months pregnant)

5. Robe (ideal for when guests pop in so you don't flash them)

6. Slippers (I wasn't a huge fan of walking around the room barefoot and didn't want to wear socks all the time)

7. Sweatshirt that zips or cardigan style (easy access to nurse but perfect if you are chilly and the robe isn't warm enough. Another item Rishi brought back with him that I didn't originally pack!)

8. Toiletries (toothpaste, toothbrush, contacts/glasses, shampoo, small loofah, etc. I like bringing my own travel shampoo and conditioner but )

9. Hair product + flat iron/curling iron (Totally personal preference on this! I brought product to allow my hair to air dry but also a flat iron because I know I would get annoyed by my crazy cowlicks if I didn't do something with them. If you're someone who does their hair every single day my guess is you'll want to do it at the hospital. If you're someone who never does their hair, chances are you aren't going to starting doing it with a newborn.)

10. Makeup (same as above! I brought my "everyday makeup" - foundation, blush, mascara (although this time I got eyelash extensions so no need for mascara!) - so I felt more like myself especially for photos. You may want your entire makeup kit or you may be fine with just some face lotion.)

11. Phone charger

12. Camera

13. Computer/iPad/Magazine (you'll have downtime so have stuff to pass the time especially if your hospital doesn't have Netflix on their tvs ours...boooooo)

14. Extension cord - your plug in might be far from the bed so throw one in just in case!

Things for baby

1. An installed carseat (you won't need to bring the carseat in until you're leaving but be sure it's installed and ready to go!)

2. A going home outfit 

3. An outfit to take your "we had a baby" announcement in (We get our kids "Hi. I'm ___" onesies from Hi.Little.One and take their photo in the hospital to post on social media. I also can't wait to share news so if you want to do a proper photo shoot when you get home then definitely don't bring this outfit to the hospital.)

Optional items

1. Breastfeeding pillow (bobby/Breast friend/etc) - I brought one and used it in the hospital but then never really used it at home. If you think you're going to use it then I suggest bringing it and the lactation consultants can help you figure out how to use it.

2. Your own pillow - if you need your own pillow to get any sleep then definitely bring it.

3. Eye mask - if you need pitch black to sleep this will come in handy

4. Hemorrhoid cream - I got really bad hemorrhoids with Roy and hated waiting for the cream to be ordered and delivered! I'm bringing my own so I can apply it right away if I get them again. :)

Things you don't need

1. Diapers/wipes - the hospital has plenty of these for you to use (and take home!)

2. Nipple cream - again, the hospital has lots for you to use

3. Tons of clothes for baby - they will be in little white shirts and swaddles that the hospital provides most of the time! We put Roy in a onesie for a photo and when they took him to a check up we never got it back. I would just wait until you're ready to go home before you put them in special clothes!

4. Nice clothes for yourself - post birth is pretty nasty so until you've showered you likely won't want to put anything nice on that might get ruined

You may disagree with some of the things on this list and I might be missing a few obvious things! My biggest takeaway from having Roy was I really didn't need a whole lot other than my daily essentials to help me feel like myself. People who visit are likely very close friends and family and don't expect to see you in your Sunday best!

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freezer meals: prepping for baby (and winter)

Before we had Roy I had really great intentions of making a ton of freezer meals so we could just pop something in the oven or crock pot or microwave and instantly have dinner. 

Well....turns out our freezer is tiny and I had no desire to figure out how to do any sort of freezer meals so we ended up with a LOT of takeout those first few months (Lord bless my husband who would call me on his way home from work to ask if I had a plan for dinner or if I had my order ready. It was typically an order.)

This time around, we actually bought a deep freezer! HEYO! You know you're living the high life when you have a freezer full of pizza in your basement. ;)

Since I didn't want to only eat pizza, I convinced my cousin (who also has a new baby AND a deep freezer) to come over and make meals with me. We also convinced my mom to make a meal as well so we could all just triple our recipes and swap meals!

Overall making freezer meals isn't hard especially if you're following a recipe that is created for freezer meals but here are a few tips and tricks.

Tips for Success

1. Have a friend to join you. It's way more fun and you can swap meals!

2. Go through your entire recipe before leaving for the store. Don't forget to include freezer bags or pans to freeze the recipe in on your list!

3. Write on your bag before putting the ingredients/meals in. Name of the recipe, how to prepare it and any additional toppings or garnishes it needs.

3a. BETTER THAN 3. Print out the whole recipe including instructions and tape that to the bag and put another bag over it. This is what my mom did and she's a genius so follow her, not me.

4. Be sure you actually like the recipe before making it. I would have put a bit less spice in the quinoa dish before making 100 meals of it ha!

We ended up making the following recipes:

Freezer to Crockpot Chicken Fajitas from the Humbled Homemaker

This was literally the easiest recipe ever since you don't have to pre-cook anything. The most time consuming piece was cutting all of the peppers and onions for 3 meals.

Mexican Quinoa and Sweet Potato Casserole from Fit Foodie Finds

This one took a bit more time simply because of the cook time. Basically you just cook it as is, let it cool and then put it in freezer bags in the freezer. Then just microwave it or put it in a skillet when you're ready to eat it!

It also made an INSANE amount of food. I doubled this one and came out with enough food for about 6 meals (feeding 2 people). One note of caution - if you make it as is it is insanely spicy. Rishi loved it, I could tolerate it and surprisingly Roy liked it despite make awful noises after each swallow and drinking a ton of milk haha! This one was too spicy for my parents (note: read to the end of the recipe before putting in ALL the spices) so my cousin and I divided this one.

Easy Chicken Stir Fry from All Because She Saved

My cousin sautéed everything up and bagged it all once it cooled so all you'll need to do is thaw it, warm it and eat it over some rice! You can also add additional veggies to it when you go to heat it.

Spinach Lasagna Roll Ups from Thriving Home

My mom made this one and added ground turkey instead of the optional chicken. It's delicious without any meat but adds a bit more protein with the ground turkey.

Chicken and Wild Rice Bake from Kitchn

Another dish my mom made that I am super excited to try out!

I feel super pleased that with one afternoon of cooking, I now have 5 meals waiting and ready for one of the (many) evening where I don't have the energy to cook. ;) 

If you've done any freezer meals in the past what have you found successful or what recipe do you love? Share below!

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army green trench coat - rock your fall style

Fall is coming and I'm SO excited! Bring on the pumpkin spice lattes (no shame, ladies...I'm a big fan of PSL), layers, booties and sweaters!

I feel like I'm extra excited for cooler weather to arrive since my wardrobe is so limited due to my bump that is growing bigger and bigger by the day. I'm pretty tired of the dresses I wear each day and I sadly never found any maternity shorts to wear!

If you live anywhere similar to MN the transition from summer to fall can be a bit challenging. You wake up to glorious high 40s, low 50s weather only to leave work in the afternoon and have it by low 80s or high 70s!

That's when we need to really wear our layers.

I love a look like this for a Saturday morning brunch wiith girlfriends when you leave the house mid morning and it's nice and cool but by the time brunch is over and coffee has warmed you up, it's too hot for the jacket.

I would likely wear a pair of cute distressed black denim jeans (if only I had a pair of maternity ones...) rather than the leggings I'm wearing but I'll just have to live vicariously through all of you for the time being.

White graphic tees are instantly made more chic with a plethora of gold jewelry or you could even switch it up with a cute tank top underneath depending on the days weather!

What are you most excited to wear this fall?

{Blanqi leggings |Cabi jacket (similar here and here)| tee (similar here and here) | boots}

{Jewelry: Athena cuff | Tonal necklace | Laurel necklaceLayered Lines earrings }

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post pregnancy: 7 things you need to know

Oh pregnancy. Some women love it, some hate it, some are indifferent. No matter how you feel about it you probably dealt with very similar symptoms like round ligament pain, heartburn, constant peeing, swelling and more (surprise! pregnancy isn't all glowing skin and gentle kicks from your baby!).

 {15 weeks}

{thrifted top | JBrand jeans}

After you deliver your baby you may think that all the craziness is over but nope, it's only just begun. And I'm not just talking about the fact that you now have a newborn to care for! Your body just went through an incredible task of growing AND birthing a baby and now is the recovery phase.

 {17 weeks}

{thrifted top (similar) + skirt (similar) | Target heels (similar here)}

While I did a fair amount of research before delivery, I was still thrown off by a few things post birth. Here are a some things I think all women need to know before delivering their first baby. Obviously these don't apply to 100% of women but for the majority of women who have birthed a baby, I think they can relate.

{20 weeks}

{HM dress | Zia earrings}

1. Your hormones are even more crazy after you've had your baby than while you were pregnant. If you're someone like me who cries a LOT while pregnant this is not something you'd like to hear but if you're prepared for it I think it's easier to manage (maybe? or maybe that's just wishful think...I don't know). Just remember you aren't alone in feeling like a crazy person after your baby is born and it's ok to cry!!

{21 weeks}

{Cabi dress (sold out similar here and here) | AE vest (sold out, similar here and here) | Rebel shoes | Mamuye tote | Kyanite necklace }

2. Your swelling doesn't always go down right away. I got really swollen at the end of my pregnancy with Roy and couldn't wear my wedding ring anymore. I naively thought that right after I pushed Roy out all my swelling would go away and I could wear my rings again. I almost brought my rings to the hospital to put on after he was born but decided not to at the last minute because I didn't want to misplace them. Thankfully I didn't because it took a few weeks after he was born to actually be able to wear them again! I was so nervous I would never be able to wear them again and that I would be forever swollen (but no, it does eventually go down).

 {23 weeks}

{Pink Blush dress}

3. You'll still look pregnant for a while after you give birth. I knew this in my brain before I had Roy, but I remember leaving the hospital and thinking, WHY is my stomach so huge still?! I thought you looked like 8 weeks pregnant, not 28 weeks pregnant. Every woman is different and there are some women who walk out of the hospital in their pre-pregnancy skinny jeans but don't stress out if you still look ready to pop out another baby when you leave the hospital. It will eventually go down (and just pack a really flowy top if you feel uncomfortable!).

 {24 weeks}

{HM dress | thrifted kimono (similar here and here) | Poly earrings | Kyanite necklace}

 4. You'll feel like a rock star mom, a complete failure of a mom and a totally clueless mom all within 3 minutes of one another. That's normal.

 {25 weeks}

{Ellie + Kai dress}

5. You'll bleed for longer than a day (and in most cases for weeks). The more I exercised the longer I bled. Allow your body to heal up before even thinking about going for a run or even a longer walk!

{26 weeks}

{Pink Blush dress | Rebel shoes | Zia earrings }

6.You'll have night sweats AND leaky boobs which will force you to change numerous times throughout the night. I would sleep with a nursing bra and nursing pads on to help out a bit but the night sweats are no joke. This will not last forever.

{30 weeks}

{thrifted dress (similar here and here}

7. If you choose to nurse, your stomach will cramp while nursing. This is actually a good thing! It's your body's way of telling your stomach that the baby is out and it can go back to it's original size. It can be super painful in the beginning so have a heating pad ready for after your done nursing.

{33 weeks}

{Blanqi maternity leggings | Cabi top | Cabi jacket | Activator necklace}

 While preparing for baby #2 to enter the world, I'm trying to remember all of the things that happened after Roy was born that shocked me. This is by no means an inclusive list and every single woman won't relate to 100% of these but these are just few things that I needed to be reminded of before this baby comes out!

 {34 weeks}

{Pink Blush dress | Poly earrings}

What are things that shocked you post pregnancy? I'd love to know!

Shop this post here!

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Roy's bedroom reveal

We're finally done with Roy's room! Piece by piece it really came together and I'm so excited with how it turned out.

After we found out we were pregnant with baby #2 we decided the best thing to do is to move Roy down the hall to one of our guest bedrooms so baby girl can have his room since it's the closest room to our bedroom.  It also gave me a chance to decorate not just one but two rooms (and I LOVE to decorate!). 

We're fortunate enough to live in Minneapolis where there is a Room and Board Outlet so we randomly stopped by one day and lucked out when we found a super cute Moda crib and dresser in maple and white! Our other crib and dresser are white and with a hint of blue so having something so much different is a welcome change.

Roy's original nursery had a fun wall decal accent wall and we decorated with teal and mustard yellow (see his first room here) so we decided to switch things up a bit!

We stopped into Witt & Bliss on our mini babymoon and found a cow rug and fun green pillow and decided that those would be our inspiration pieces. I love having one main inspiration piece to go off of when decorating a room (for Roy's nursery we based it off of the rug).

We wanted to do another accent wall but decided to try removable wallpaper this time around. We stumbled upon this adorable cedar tree paper from Shop B Darling and thought it was the perfect amount of whimsy to add to the room! It went up fairly easy - easy enough that I would do it again in another room at some point. ;)

Rishi found the adorable tree bookshelf during the Nordstrom sale (you can also find it at Target).

It definitely is not as functional as your standard bookshelf but it does the job of housing books, stuffed animals and our small bins of lightweight toys (I made the mistake of putting a heavy toy on one branch only to have Roy pull it down...thankfully it just landed on the carpet but I learned my lesson!). 


I picked up the black cart at IKEA to house the bigger books that didn't fit well on the shelf as well as a few random toy and stuffed animals. I have a feeling this will evolve over time as to what we keep there depending on what Roy is playing with!

I absolutely love the stuffed animal heads that are popping up everywhere and found the cute panda bear at Target. I thought it was perfect for the little nook in the corner with the ROY letters from his nursery (that are now on sale at PB Kids)!

We wanted kid friendly prints for the walls and found some on Etsy that were perfect. We originally had completely different prints that ended up not going well with the wallpaper so they now live in the guest/kid bathroom. :) I love how the black and white tie in the black and white rug perfectly.

Our amazing neighbors gave us the glider which is already getting lots of use with bedtime snuggles and story times. We weren't sure we were going to put a rocking chair in the room but I'm glad we did! Roy's still so young so it's nice to be able to cuddle him during naps if he's not feeling well (like when his molars popped through the other weekend) or when we do storytime.

And I finally got Roy's Annaprashana outfit framed in a shadow box! I love his adorable outfit out for us to see.

I am SO in love with how his room turned out! It makes me happy just hanging out in there and I hope Roy feels the same!

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slouchy free people top worn three ways

Y'all know that I love versatile items. Accessories that can be worn to brunch or a wedding or dresses that can be worn on date nights or church. Shirts are no different!

I found this top on Instagram and fell in love (bonus - it's on sale for only $33). It's perfect for my pregnant body BUT it's not a maternity shirt so I can easily wear it post pregnancy.

That's one of my biggest tips for pregnant women - buy clothes that can be worn both with a bump and after.

I love flowy, lose tops and this one is perfect. Here are 3 ways to wear it!

1. Girls night/date night!

Grab a pair of black skinny jeans or leggings, a lacey bralette, a pair of heels and fun jewelry and you're set!

maternity leggings / top / shoes (mine are from Hautelook)

Echo Necklace / Simple Statement Cuff

2. Brunch

On those warm summer mornings, throw on a pair of shorts, pull on your top, throw on some fun jewelry and add a pair of sandals or fun heels and get after that coffee. 

faux denim shorts (out of stock from Hautelook) / top  

 Sonia Bracelets / Tatu Triangle Necklace

3. Post workout

A simple pair of workout leggings and black bra or tank is the perfect base for this top. If you're heading out for drinks or breakfast after a sweat sesh throw on this top and look 10x more polished than you originally did when you finished your workout.

maternity leggings / top / Puma shoes (out of stock, similar here)

Next time your about to buy something stop and ask yourself, "Can I wear this more than one way?" and if not, "Do I love this enough to wear it over and over in the same way?". Sometimes things are totally worth buying even if you can only wear them one specific way because they bring that much joy to your life and other times it's best to just walk away.

Let's all try to make wiser decision about what we bring into our life and really get the most out of our wardrobes!

Shop these looks!


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how to create a gallery wall you'll love

This morning I was lying in bed staring at the gallery wall remembering all of the amazing memories the wall held.

This wall has went through about 6 different changes since we moved in 2 years ago and I think I've finally landed on my favorite arrangement.

We have photos from our wedding.

We have the map from the orchard Rishi brought me when he proposed.

We have photos from when Roy was not even a week old.

And we have things that just make me plain old happy like hanging plants and a weave from my friend's etsy shop (Junah Woods, in case you want one too!).

 If you've been struggling with creating a gallery wall you love, here are a few tips!

1. If you like clean + simple, stick with frames that are the same color. You can't got wrong with a gallery wall of all white or all black frames.

On the flip side, if you like a bit of color in your life, start with one basic color, like white or black, and add in pops of whatever color is in the room. I put a few pops of blue and gold in mine to give it a bit of contrast.

2. Don't only use photos in your frames! Add in paintings that your children did, quotes you love or memorabilia (like the map on my wall!).

3. Add things with texture. A weave or plants can add a beautiful new dimension to the wall.

4. Leave some room to allow it to grow and expand. We can easily add things above and on the sides of our wall for things like baby #2 or updated family photos.

5. Lay out all of your items on the ground and arrange them how you want them before starting to put holes in the wall. I'm finally getting better at doing this and it makes a huge difference! You can go as far as cutting out paper the size of each frame and taping them to the wall or just eyeball it when it's time to actually hang them. Trust me, this step will save your wall. ;)

A gallery wall should be something fun that reminds you of amazing memories and things that make you happy so don't stress too much when creating yours!

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surviving pregnancy with a one year old

long while back in September after I had mostly recovered from my first pregnancy (sense the sarcasm there?), I shared a post about 10 tips for surviving pregnancy. Every single one of those still ring true for the 2nd time around, especially giving into your cravings.

It's summer. I crave ice cream constantly. It's Rishi's go to when I'm crying (which yep, still happens a lot) and it makes him lost and confused when I say I don't want it (because I actually do but for some reason I say no). Just eat the ice cream, people. You don't need to eat the whole carton but a small scoop will do wonders, trust me.

Anyways. Pregnancy with a 1 year old has it's challenges. When I'm coming in from a run and I have to pee SO bad because I swear this baby is sitting directly on top of my bladder, I have to choose - do I 1. get the kid out of the stroller, get inside, put him down in a spot that's not directly in front of the dog's water which I know he'll get into which just happens to be right outside the bathroom and risk peeing my pants or 2. do I just wheel the stroller to the back door and leave the back door and bathroom door open while I quickly pee out the 2 teaspoons of fluid from my bladder (it always feels like a gallon but inevitably is a sprinkle) and hope our new neighbors aren't outside hearing me pee. These are the hard decisions I get to make on a daily basis. ;)

For those of you who have one child and are debating adding another one to the family, are pregnant with your 2nd or you're just really interested in things I've learned about being pregnant with a 1 year old, here are some tips and tricks for surviving your 2nd pregnancy with an infant/toddler in the house.

1. Go to the bathroom at the very last second before leaving the house. (I promise they won't all be bathroom related!) I was always getting myself fully ready, including using the bathroom, before getting Roy ready and Chloe in her kennel. By the time we were walking out the door I had to pee again! There's nothing worse than getting to Target and having to go to the bathroom when your 13 month old wants to touch anything and everything in sight.

2. Nap when they nap. I don't take this advice as often as I should, but every once in a while I'll scoop up Roy when he doesn't want to nap in his crib and he and I will take a snooze in his rocker. He's not the biggest cuddler in the world so I'll take 'em when I can get 'em. Then I get a nap and Roy and I get some cuddle time - win win!

3. Keep snacks in your bag that both you and your toddler can eat. We recently picked up a giant box of Belvita breakfast cookies and fig bars that both Roy and I love so I keep a package with me at all times for when one (or both) of us gets hangry.

4. Take everything people say to you about having a 2nd child (especially ones that'll be 16 months apart) with a grain of salt. I know I said this in the last post but it bears repeating. I've had some of the funniest responses from friends and strangers ranging from calling me crazy to the most common one of telling me I'm going to have my hands full once baby #2 is born. I've known enough people who've survived with 2 kids, or heck even TWINS for that matter, to know that no matter what the temperament of this 2nd baby is, we're going to be just fine.

5. Move all of the kid toys from your bed to the bathroom. There's nothing worse than stepping on a kid toy at 2am on your 3rd trip to the bathroom.

6. Recognize that things that took you one weekend with your first might take you 3 months with your 2nd and be ok with that. We're moving Roy to a new room so baby girl can have his room since it's closest to our bedroom and have been working on decorating his room for about 2.5 months. We really aren't even doing that much to decorate but when your time is limited to post bedtime during the week (which always ends with us going to bed WAY later than we planned because who knew putting together a simple shelf would end up taking 3 hours....only to realize when the final nail is in that we put it together wrong and have to start all over with a brand new one the following week) and naps on the weekend (because when you're both working on something in the room and nobody is really paying attention to what the 1 year old is doing, a giant pot is tipped over from it's spot on the plant stand. don't worry, nobody was hurt but that resulted in another hour of clean up ha!).

Side note: if you have a calm child who loves to sit and read books by himself all day, every day, you won't be able to relate to this but if your child loves to play fetch with himself and sprint around the table for 20 minutes straight like Roy you may want to wait for nap time. ;)

7. Get help when you need it. Bath time is getting harder and harder with having to lean over the tub. Lifting our 50lb dog in and out of the car to go to the vet is pretty much not happening again after doing it this week. Learn your limits and don't feel bad to ask your spouse, parent or friend to lend a hand.

I am the WORST at this one. Definitely need to learn this one...! 

And those, my friends, are 7 tips for surviving your 2nd pregnancy. This 2nd pregnancy has definitely been more challenging than the first time around but it has gone so much quicker! It's probably partly because I don't have the time or energy to read every pregnancy blog or google every symptom that I'm experiencing but I'm just thankful week 30 is basically here and this baby is well on her way to make her debut!

What additional tips do you have? I'd love to know!

**Roy's onesie is from Hi.Little.One. Be sure to check them out for adorable onesies!!

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