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favorite baby products

the bouqs co

5 tips to brighten your day

the mamuye tote

the dressy sweatshirt

haute barre event

my favorite baby products

Roy is officially 8 months old! That means we've had 8 months of trial and error with parenting and baby products. ;)

When I was pregnant I asked all my mom friends about everything they used from diapers to bottles to clothes. I took lots of their tips and advice and also found a few new products along the way.

Here are my favorite products to use with Roy! I only included things I especially loved instead of telling you every single thing I use. I hope this helps!


1. Diapers + Wipes: Honest Company Diapers + Wipes  {good for the environment as well our baby's butt. They also deliver and are insanely cute so it was a no brainer.}

{Trust me when I say shopping with a new baby is hard enough so if you don't have to worry about fitting diapers and wipes into your already overflowing cart, it's 100% worth it.}

2. Changing Pad: Keekaroo Peanut Changer {keeps the pee by your baby's butt when the inevitable happens AND it's incredibly easy to disinfect. Rishi's favorite purchase. ;)}

3. Diaper Pail: Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail {we started out with the standard diaper genie but just invested in the Ubbi 2 months ago and we are all SO much happier. Uses regular trash bags and keeps the smell out like nobody's business. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.}


 1. Baby bath: Blooming Bath - Baby Bath (Canary Yellow) - soft and easy to throw in the wash. Perfect for bathing in the sink!

2. Body/hair wash + lotion: Tubby Todd  {amazing smell and Roy loves it!}


1. Breast pads: Bamboobies Super-soft Washable Nursing Pads {I tried tons and these were the only ones that didn't make me feel like I was wearing a padded bra but didn't leak}

2. Nursing pillow: Boppy {get it. use it. your wrists will thank you. then buy cute covers like these...not the dorky baby ones}


1. Bottles: Twistshake {get 20% off any Twistshake product with code paisleyandsparrow20}

2. Bibs: aden + anais {I didn't register for these but was given one at a shower. It is by far better than all of the bibs I got. It snaps so Roy can't pull it off and covers his clothes the best - read less laundry! Get these!}

3. Pacifer - Mam {Roy gagged on a lot of pacifiers but these work great!}


1. Stroller - Uppa Baby Vista {expensive but worth it. especially if 2 kids are in your future since it easily turns into a double stroller!}

2. Car Seat - Nuna Pipa {Rishi loved it since it's from Europe and has higher safety standards. I love it because it's light and easy to get in and out of the car.}

3. High Chair - Keekaroo {it grows with your kid so you can use it as an infant through toddler stage!}


1. Hi.Little.One {you can get personalized onesies! I take his monthly photos in the same "hi I'm Roy" onesie}

2. Finn + Emma {100% organic and adorable - you'll love these! they also carry blankets, teethers and rattles that we use and love...see these in the next group! get 15% off your order by clicking this link!}

3. Tea Collection {Roy's very first outfit was from Tea Collection - we bought it right after we found out we were having a boy! We love this brand that makes fair trade and ADORABLE clothes!}

Other Baby Stuff We Love!

1. Finn & Emma teethers and blanket {the adorable castle is a rattle and teether in one! Roy loves both of these and uses them all the time! get 15% off your order by clicking this link!}

2. Milestone Cards {perfect for documenting those important moments}

3. Lorena Canalas Rugs {machine washable rugs that are perfect for kiddos! ours will eventually end up in the play area I'm creating but right now it's perfect for our main level to help him learn how to crawl. the black rug in most of these photos are the rug we own!}

4. Baby Ktan Carrier {check out this post for all the deets}

 So there you have it! A bunch of all of my favorites. What did I miss? What a go to for you little one?

this is a sponsored post in partnership with tubby toddtea collectionlorena canals rugs, finn + emmamilestone cards, twistshake, and baby ktan and does include affiliate links. all words are my own and I wouldn't include these brands unless I truly love them! thanks so much for supporting the brands that make the paisley + sparrow blog possible. 

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things I love: The Bouqs Co

This year for Valentine's Day my husband did something a bit different. Sure I got flowers but this time they came wrapped in brown paper cut by a farmer earlier that day.

They came from the Bouqs Co! A company neither one of has had heard of but we're so impressed with their quality, mission and beauty that we'll definitely be ordering more!

The Bouqs Co is helping farmers all over the world grow their business - something I dearly love! Their Farm to Table Bouqs, like the one I got, are cut the day you order and shipped from one of their farm partners so they last.

All their farms practice sustainable, eco-friendly farming, and they cut only what they sell - so they don't waste 1 out of every 3 stems like others. LOVE!

The best part is they're extremely affordable and they don't try to upsell you on dorky add ons like teddy bears or balloons. So the next time you want to make someone feel extra loved or you want to treat yourself, try them out! You won't be disappointed!

P.S. This was no way endorsed by The Bouqs Co. We bought our own flowers! I just love to share my favorites with you! :)

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5 tips to brighten your day

Winter can be hard.

The days are short. The weather is frigid. And I'm not a big fan of going outside unless I have to. :)

We've had a milder than usual winter this year but it doesn't mean the winter blues don't set in! In case you're like me and can get a little down during the middle of winter (or whenever!), here are a few ways to brighten up your day.

1. Exercise!

Rishi likes to remind me that everyone is happier when I'm working out. As Elle Woods said, "Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don't shoot their husbands, they just don't." It can be hard to get moving but it definitely gets those endorphins going!

2. Get outside.

On those -20 days, going outside is the last thing I want to do but even a short walk around the block gets me out of a funk. Sometimes even a walk from my car into Target does the trick! ;)

3. Call someone.

Sometimes I realize I just need to talk to someone if I'm feeling down. I'll frequently facetime my sister or mom to say hi. Even a quick 5 minute chat helps!

4. Do something you love.

Love organizing? (like me?) Love baking? Love sewing? Do it! Doing something you love and finishing a task will definitely give you a boost!

5. Get some "you" time.

Get a massage, paint your nails or take a bath! Do something just for you!

Shop my outfit here:

Bag - Golden Arrows Tote

Bracelet - Birhanu Gold

Pants - Pilcro from Anthropologie

Tank - From Anthropologie but out of stock. Similar here or here. Same brand here

Boots - Diba from DSW

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mamuye tote

We've got a new tote in the shop!! I've had my eye on the Mamuye Tote for so long and I'm thrilled to add it to the shop for all of you.

These bags are handcrafted in both Ethiopia and Mexico out of 100% genuine distressed leather. 

We get our totes from fashionABLE. The vision of fashionABLE is to make a new kind of fashion statement as a responsible consumer.  The fashionABLE mission is to create sustainable business so that the people are not dependents on charity but a vital part of a developing economy. When you buy a fashionABLE product you are ABLE to provide opportunities, and the women who make our products are ABLE to have a new choice.

This tote measures is perfect for your laptop, lunch, planner and your water bottle - all the essentials for a day at the office or coffeeshop - wherever your life leads you!

It's comfortable, durable straps (straps have a 12" drop with an interior pocket so you don't lose your phone or wallet.

So if you're looking for new work bag, gym bag or everyday tote, we've got you covered! And every time someone compliments you on your gorgeous bag, be sure to share the story of the woman who made it and the impact you're making!


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wardrobe essential - a dressy sweatshirt

We all have those days. 

The days where you are required to put on real clothes and be presentable when all you want to do is lie around in bed in your yoga pants and sweatshirt.

Insert a dressy sweatshirt!

It may sound ridiculous but finding a top that is sweatshirt material that actually looks fancy is going to be your best friend, I promise.

I got my first dressy sweatshirt a few years ago and was very hesitant that I would actually wear it. It's black with a lace covering over the top. Paired with black skinny jeans, black booties, classic gold hoops and a top knot, it quickly became my "I-dont-want-to-go-to-work-but-I-kinda-have-to" outfit.

I was recently at Anthropologie and found another dressy sweatshirt that immediately made it to the check out counter.

I've been living in this sweatshirt since I bought it and it really does make me feel more put together despite being incredibly cozy!

And bonus is I get complimented on both of these tops every time I wear them. Win win!

Anyone else loving dressy sweatshirts? What's your favorite cozy yet stylish look?

Shop my look:

Sweatshirt (from Anthropologie on sale for less than $50!)

Pants - Pilcro from Anthropologie



Shoes - mine are Kurt Geiger from a few years ago, similar styles here and here

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haute barre event recap!

On Saturday I took my very first barre class! It was so fun to partner with Haute Barre in the West End (in Minneapolis) for a workout for a cause. 

Haute Barre™ is a lifestyle, a dynamic fitness experience that delivers an effective total body workout in an upbeat and motivating boutique environment.  Barre makes remarkable improvements in your core strength. You’ll notice improved posture, increased flexibility. Barre targets every muscle group and is fun!

I was definitely shaking by the end of the class so I knew my muscles were clearly getting a workout. As a former gymnast I really loved the ballet movements incorporated into the workout.

Haute Barre is hard on muscles but kind on joints. You may be surprised to learn barre is low impact and has a low injury risk. Small, controlled movements and improving your core strength reduce pressure on joints, ligaments and the spine. This program is great for all levels and abilities!

There was women of all ages and body types in our class. A friend of mine who is a month out from delivering her first baby even joined me in the class (and killed it)! It was refreshing to see people of all abilities and fitness levels in the class.

Haute Barre has a dynamic team will a range of backgrounds and styles. My instructor, Jess, was upbeat yet tough. The class after mine was led by a guy who seemed extremely motivating and encouraging. You can find a teacher you like and stick with them or keep things fresh and take classes from a variety of teachers!

Along those lines, there is a variety of classes. There are 8 class formats so you can find the one that works best for you or switch things up day by day.

For those of you who are local, mark your calendar for March 18th for another round of Haute Barre fun and everyone can check out my tips for going from a workout to brunch (or happy hour) here!

And a special thanks to Nutty Snacks for providing us all with amazing snacks!

Have you ever tried a barre workout? I'd love to hear your thoughts!


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Friday Fun

It's been a busy week with getting ready to travel to Disney, planning out our sprint line (get excited!) and prepping for some fun events. 

In case you missed yesterday's email we sent out these Valentine's cards for you to send out to all your favorite people! If you weren't on the list be sure to get on it now - I'll be resending it next week!

Roy got a new bottle from Twistshake! I love how it comes with a container for formula for when I'm out and about, it's super easy to clean and Roy loves it (and he doesn't love every bottle!). It also matches well with my morning coffee. ;)

Twistshake has so kindly offered Paisley + Sparrow readers 20% off with the code paisleyandsparrow20.

I'm absolutely loving gold + crystal right now. This necklace and bracelet are perfect for Valentines!

Whenever my husband and I go to Costco we pick up some flowers to brighten up the dreary winter days. This time around I tried my hand at arranging them a bit. It's my first go at something like this but it was a lot of fun!

Any professional florists out there want to give me some tips? :)

We got to try out some of So Good Baby's food this week thanks to our amazing nanny who also happens to be their marketing intern! The packaging is adorable and Roy loved it so that's a win win!

We're leaving for Disney on Tuesday so be sure to come hang out with me on Instagram to see if we survive Roy's first plane ride and a week in the sun!

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be you!

When I first started my business I carefully watched the brands that have "gone before me" and were doing amazing things. I saw the type of Instagram posts they did, whether or not they blogged, how they styled their products...all of it.

I didn't want to copy anyone but I also didn't want to do something that I shouldn't do, or what I thought I shouldn't do in order to succeed.

Some things worked, others didn't but I wasn't always the happiest doing what I was doing. There was always something missing.

Last year I decided to start doing things a little different and do things that I wanted to do regardless of them being what others in my industry was doing.

I started blogging more and sharing more of me both here in on my Instagram and Facebook.

I launched Brews + Brands with my friend Morgan from construction2style to bring brands together for networking, shopping and collaborating.

I partnered with a variety of different brands to share products that I love and use on my blog and social media.

I started learning more about photography and started doing photography for a few brands (like one of my favorites - Paper Riot).

And you know what? I'm loving being a business owner so much more today than last year at this time. I've given myself more freedom to do what I want and not pigeon hole myself into one specific thing.

Maybe there's something that you need to be a bit more flexible on that will help you enjoy life a bit more!

{photos taken by Broke Aho}

Do you hate working out at the gym but go week after week because that's what you think you should do to be healthy? Maybe putting on some fun music and dancing around your kitchen for 30 minutes would be way more fun for you - and you're still getting your exercise!

Do you put on the same frumpy dress clothes, day after day, because nobody at your office wears anything fashion forward? Maybe you should jazz things up a bit one day with your favorite skirt or top, even if it's a wild print or bright color! Nobody will likely say anything and you can feel a bit more like you during the work day.

Figure out something that you're doing in your life just because you think you should  do it and make a change! You might just start living a happier life.

Shop my outfit!

Wild + Free tshirt

Silver necklace

Rose gold necklace

Embroidered jacket (sold out on Gilt) similar style here + here + here

Black jeans


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go from the gym to brunch in style!


I love getting a good workout and then grabbing a glass of wine or brunch with whoever I was just sweating with.

I don't, however, love arriving at a restaurant or bar actually looking like I just worked out!

One thing I've learned over the years is a few simple tricks to looking pulled together and dare I say even cute when heading out after working out?

It all is in the accessories.

Nobody loves to carry an entire new outfit or spend the time changing clothes after a workout. And really, you don't even have to (thank you, middle schoolers + celebrities for making black workout pants "cool").


Step 1. Add a jacket or sweater over your top. Make sure it's long enough to cover your butt so you can hide the fact that you're wearing workout pants as regular pants. ;)

Step 2. Throw on some accessories! Oversized earrings, a wrist full of bracelets, a statement necklace. Any of these will easily add enough style to your workout apparel.

Step 3. Swap out the sneakers! Put on cute booties, knee high boots or some fun wedges.

{all photos taken by Brooke Aho}

And there you have it!

If you want to try out these tips, join me this Saturday at Haute Barre for a fun workout for a cause! Giveaways, snacks, drinks and so much more. Find out all the deets + RSVP here!

 Shop this look!

Earrings - Black Zia Earrings

Necklace - Tiny Top Pendant Silver

Bracelet - Honeycomb Black

Pants- Athleta Chaturanga Pants

Boots - Diba from DSW

Jacket - Anthropologie (no longer available) Similar here or here



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friday fun

Sometimes the weeks just fly by and you don't even know how we got to Friday already! The flu tore through my whole family last weekend so Monday seemed to come quicker than usual but the week still flew by.

Roy turned 7 months old last Saturday! He's the happiest kid ever which makes being his mama so much fun.

My siblings and I took a cooking class last weekend at Kitchen in the Market! I only made it through half of the class before forcing myself to go home because I wasn't feeling well but the first half was really fun!

We're on the hunt for a chair for our master bedroom since we're finally getting around to decorating that room! We've fallen in love with this chair from Anthropologie (which I'm just super pumped that my husband first suggested a fuchsia chair woohoo!). Not sure if we'll be getting it yet but you better believe there'll be a master bedroom reveal on the blog in the somewhat near future!

Next Saturday is a fun event at Haute Barre in the West End (for local MN peeps!). We're raising money for Tubman and getting our sweat on. I hope you can make it!

This weekend is starting out with a girls night at my house (I'll be attempting to make dinner....wish me luck!), brunch with my mom and sister tomorrow and a fun Cabi event on Sunday!

What's on tap for you this weekend?

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