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carry on essentials

I love to travel. Domestic or abroad, I love a good adventure! And one bonus of spending an entire year of my life traveling is that I've become quite good at packing! I can pack pretty light (except when I'm driving somewhere 2 hours away...I tend to extremely over pack).

When it comes to my carry on for flying, there a handful of items I don't leave home without.

carry on essentials

1. A large tote. I like one that I can easily get into for pulling out my passport and boarding pass and can easily collapse to fit under my seat.

2. A magazine (Kinfolk or Darling are always fabulous choices) or book. When I know I'll be traveling I'll save up my magazines so I have new material to read. I also like to hand off my magazine to a stranger when I'm done so they can enjoy it too!

3. A journal. I love to journal when I travel even if it's just a few sentences of what I did that day. When you have a lot of time on a plane it's nice to have a space to jot notes, ideas or thoughts.

4. A pen. Pens are necessary for journaling (duh) and also for filling out your customs forms (or you'll be borrowing from the 10 year old next to you...been there).

5. A scarf. I never fly without a scarf. They're perfect for wrapping up in when you're cold or using as a pillow when you want to take a nap.

6. Socks (Darn Tough socks are my FAVORITE). I don't care if it's 100 degrees in the place that you leave from AND the place you arrive, airplanes can be frigid. Don't worry about looking like a dork, just throw them in your bag and if the a/c is cranked pull on your warm cozy socks! Nobody sees your feet, anyhow. Trust me on this one...bring socks.

7. A water bottle. Be sure it's empty when you check in and fill it up after you go through security. Flight attendants are usually super sweet about filling it up if you ask nicely too. :) Flying makes you really dehydrated so prevent getting all swollen and uncomfortable by keeping hydrated!

8. A snack. You never know when hunger is going to hit you so be prepared. Also, if you tend to get motion sick keep your stomach full - it'll help you to not get nauseous!

9. A passport holder. I like having my passport, boarding pass and important cards (ID, credit card, etc) all together so I can keep it safe. Getting a passport holder was one of the best things I ever did!

10. Lotion. Similar to the water bottle, flying can really dry out your skin. Keep a small travel lotion in your bag for when your skin starts hurting!

11. Lip balm. Same as above but for your lips. :)

12. A small bag. I keep my wallet/passport holder, lip balm, pen and lotion all in one little bag. It has all the things I need the most so it's super simple to just pull out my small bag for my necessities!

So there's my top 12! I hope this helps anyone who struggles with what to pack. :)

For those of you big travelers, what did I miss? 

  • Jennifer Biswas
  • lifestyle

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