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  • is my jewelry ethically made?
  • Jennifer Biswas
  • social causestore update

is my jewelry ethically made?


When buying clothes, jewelry or anything for that matter, it can be hard to know where it came from or if it was made ethically.

The first question I always ask myself is "Where is it made?". Unfortunately, the tag is not the best place to look. Just because something is made in the US doesn't mean it is entirely ethically made and just because something is made in China doesn't mean it automatically is made by children or in poorly run factories.

The second question I ask is "Is there a purpose behind this item?". Having a purpose does NOT mean it is made ethically however if I have the option to support a company who works with a specific marginalized people group, creates sustainable business, or even donates a portion of each sale to a charity or non-profit, I would much rather support that kind of company than one that doesn't.


How can you figure this out?

Take a look on the brand's website. The more transparent a brand is, the more info you can typically find out about the source of their items. If they have nothing to hide they likely won't hide anything!

Some things to look for:

-do the products list where it came from or who made it?

-does the brand promote and create sustainable business?

-does a product listing or about page share info about jobs that have been created or any sort of purpose behind the brand?

-do they have sort of certification (Fair Trade or something similar)?

It can be completely overwhelming to think about all of this with every single purchase. But don't get overwhelmed!

Start slow.

Pick one purchase each week to investigate.

Or look into your favorite store! Check out their website and do a little digging!

You're buying habits don't need to change overnight but by becoming a little bit more aware of where things come from you can start to make a difference.

I hope this helped!

  • Jennifer Biswas
  • social causestore update

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