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  • nourish move love fitness program review
  • Jennifer Biswas
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nourish move love fitness program review

Well friends, it's been 30 days since I started Nourish Move Love's fitness plan. (You can read a bit more about this plan and why I was doing this over on this blog post.) 

First of all, I can't believe it's already been 30 days! Whoa!

Second, I wasn't expecting a night and day difference when I started this workout although I saw some MAJOR improvements both in my look and my overall strength. I just wanted something to keep me motivated and on track because let's face it, motivation is half the battle, am I right? I have a deep love for healthy and fitness (my degree is actually health education!) so I know that it takes time and effort not a "quick fix" diet or exercise program to change your body and become a healthier person.

Third, I am SO in love with this program. On days I didn't feel like doing it I would tell myself "it's just 20 minutes". It's shorter than a show on Netflix! And seriously I could easily spend 20 minutes scrolling on Instagram so really 20 minutes is nothing.

{Just an FYI, I wasn't compensated at all for this post or to do the workout...I just love Lindsey and love her program and want to share it with all of you!}


When I started I knew I was the most out of shape I've been in a long time. Being pregnant followed by being a mom to a newborn took a toll on my fitness level! It was hard to not get discouraged when I could barely finish a workout even with modifying it but by the end of the 30 days I could finish each workout with less modifications - I was so proud of that! (See my whole fitness test results below.)


I wasn't really that strict with my food although I tried to follow Lindsey's advice of just eating "real food". It's funny, though, because as the weeks went on and I felt stronger I wanted to eat healthier! I ate less chocolate chips + animal crackers and more fruit + veggies. I swapped out my normal morning cereal for egg + spinach + pepper + cheese muffins (not muffins but you cook them in a muffin tin) and some greek yogurt. And I drank lot and lots of water!


I wasn't planning on showing the world my before and after but whatever, here we go. Mind you, this is literally first thing in the morning with zero makeup and clearly nothing done with my hair. Be kind. ;)

I only lost 1.2 pounds but as you can sorta see I firmed up a lot and muscle weighs more than fat (and burns more calories) so I'm ok with that. I lost 3 inches in my waist alone and I can finally feel my abs again! Woohoo!!


My fit test was as follows:

Day 1:

push-ups: 15 on my toes in 60 seconds

low plank: held for 33 seconds

burpees: 12 in 60 seconds

Day 30:

push-ups: 27 on my toes in 60 seconds

low plank: held for 70 seconds

burpees: 21 in 60 seconds

I'm pretty proud of the fact that I gained this much strength in just 30 days. 

30 days, people. For 20 minutes each day. What.

My sister did this program alongside of me and she had just as many gains as me (she increased her plank by 30 seconds!!!). We have very different body types so it was fun to see that she got more fit just like I did!


So what's the plan moving forward? My goal is to continue on with Lindsey's 4 day a week plan and add in 2-3 runs (at least until the below zero temps hit, then we'll reconsider). 


And because I love this program so much AND because Lindsey is a rockstar, we're doing a giveaway over on my Instagram where you can win her entire program!! It starts today and we pick our winner on Friday so head on over and enter to win!

OR just head on over to Nourish Move Love and buy the program!

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  • Jennifer Biswas
  • food/fitness

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