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  • sharing my tribe: Kelsey from the Radiant Life
  • Jennifer Biswas

sharing my tribe: Kelsey from the Radiant Life

{A note from Jen} As I mentioned in the last guest blogger's post, blogging, social media and running my own business allows me to meet some really amazing people! I have amazing {virtual} friends who are pros in photography, fitness, cooking, fashion, and even pregnancy and I’m excited to introduce you to these women.

Today, meet Kelsey! Kelsey blogs over at the Radiant Life Blog and has been a pure joy to get to know over the past year. She blogs about fashion and Jesus and also features married women, moms and entrepreneurs to share their wisdom and love with her readers. Go check her out after you read what she has to say!

Here's Kelsey (rocking our tbird necklace!)!

First off, I have to say I am so excited and honored to get to share with you guys and be a part of what Jen is doing over here! It is so exciting to get to merge faith and fashion and meet rockstar ladies like you guys along the way.

To begin, I need to catch you on a little bit of my background. Ever since I was a little girl I have appreciated fashion. My Christmas lists were FILLED with requests from Limited Too (anyone else with me there?!) and I was always sketching outfits that I planned to design one day. On top of that you could always find me starting little businesses that would earn side-income for me to shop with – my allowance was just not cutting it!

Fast forward a little and that desire to design evolved into a desire to work for a major magazine as a columnist writing about fashion. Along the way there were other dreams, but these were especially prominent.

As I got older and Jesus captured my heart, other passions came to the forefront. I KNEW I wanted to do something that served Jesus and help people, so I began to pursue the idea of ministry and mission work. I was super active in a local ministry with high-schoolers through college and after I graduated I went to a missionary training school in Pemba, Mozambique.

Now I am going to be honest. I totally went to Pemba suppressing all of my business passions, creative desires, and entrepreneurial tendencies to “give my life away” on the mission field by doing noble work for the kingdom. I didn’t know what was about to hit me.

It was there, in the dirt, that I realized God PUT all of those passions in my heart that I had been suppressing. He gifted me with the ability to dream up new business endeavors and express my creativity in a unique way. It was in Pemba that he totally freed me up to appreciate those qualities I had been suppressing in favor of what I believed was more noble.

Don’t get me wrong, He is using missionaries for AMAZING work. And I totally love being a part of that world. It is one of my MANY passions, but not my only passion. I am realizing that He gave me many avenues through which I can make Him known and famous.

He WANTS people to be effective in the business world to FUND kingdom work on the mission field. He WANTS us to speak beauty into others by appreciating the art of fashion. He WANTS us to be impactful in EVERY area.

If God is the creator of the universe, wouldn’t that make Him the most creative being there ever was? Would it be so crazy to believe that he APPRECIATES creative expression in avenues of fashion and beauty – and maybe, just maybe that is an expression HIS heart!?

For so long, we as Christians have “stayed in our lane,” or so we thought. We have stuck to ministry and our little bubble (totally not slamming ministry here, my husband and I do ministry). But you know what? God calls us to be impactful in EVERY lane. He sends us out as ambassadors of His kingdom.

Did you know ambassadors were originally sent to foreign lands to prepare the way for the emperor and make it feel like home to him? If that is so, and we are ambassadors for Christ, shouldn’t we be making every place and industry on Earth more like His home, heaven? Shouldn’t we be bringing His glory into the fashion world?

I think so. Scratch that, I KNOW so!

You guys -- what an opportunity. What an honor to get to merge my faith and my fashion and make Jesus known in the process. And you can too.

xo, Kelsey 

  • Jennifer Biswas

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