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  • sharing my tribe: Kendall from Darling Darlings
  • Jennifer Biswas

sharing my tribe: Kendall from Darling Darlings

{A note from Jen} As I mentioned in the last guest blogger's post, blogging, social media and running my own business allows me to meet some really amazing people! I have amazing {virtual} friends who are pros in photography, fitness, cooking, fashion, and even pregnancy and I’m excited to introduce you to these women.

Today, meet Kendall! Kendall recently launched a brand new blog about life + style, encouragement, tips for life and Jesus over at Darling Darlings. She fantastic and I know you'll love her! 

Hey everyone! My name is Kendall and I run a lifestyle blog called Darling Darlings ( you can check it out here ). I love using my blog as a creative outlet and I love to encourage and inspire others to seek Jesus and to create. I am so honored to be featured on Paisley and Sparrow and today, I want to share with you guys my heart and thoughts on creativity. Grab yourself a cup of coffee and read along!

What would it take for you to believe that you are creative?

Would it take people affirming you over and over for you to believe it?

Maybe it would even take you getting paid for your artistry for you to believe that you truly are a creative person?

The truth is that we are all created to be creative. The creativity within you may not seem as obvious as say Picasso or Shakespeare but it's in you waiting to be discovered. We were all created by the Creator of the world. Our Father in Heaven invented creativity and He lives in us! I don't know about you but when I meditate on that I get so excited because I'm reminded anything is possible.

Creativity is something that has been so strong on my heart. I want EVERYONE around me to believe that they are creative. Something that always gets to me is when people compare themselves to someone and they say something like, "they are the creative one I just play this role (business, teacher, doctor, etc.), I could never do that."

Maybe you could never do what the person next to you is doing but you have YOUR thing. We were never created to be like everyone else or to do things like everyone else. Whether your passion is business, writing, numbers, teaching, (the list goes on) know that you are a creative person you just have to tap into it with the help of Jesus. I believe there is creativity to every career path. It may not stand out to you as creative work or it may not look like what the world calls creativity but it's there. God has given us each creative ideas and an imagination to dream up things.

I believe the first step of creativity is knowing God. In knowing Him we begin to know who it is we are. We begin to thrive because we let go of the ideas of ourselves that we or others have placed on us and we truly begin to see ourselves through the Fathers eyes. Seeing ourselves as He does empowers us to be creative and unique and to try the things that look impossible.

My desire is to create a creative atmosphere around me that empowers others to express themselves creatively. I think the way to do that starts with our believing. We have to choose to believe that we are all creative people created by our most creative God. I pray that Jesus gives you eyes to see the creativity inside yourself and those around you and that it makes an impact for the Kingdom.

Thank you so much for reading! You can visit my blog at or come find me on instagram at @darling.darlings I'd love to get connected with you!

For an awesome read on creativity check out this book I found called The Artisan Soul.



  • Jennifer Biswas

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