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  • stop tanning and start go glowing!
  • Jennifer Biswas
  • lifestylestyle

stop tanning and start go glowing!

I hate to admit but I was "that girl" in high school who went tanning every possible day and looked like I had just gotten home from a Hawaii vacation most of the year. Ok, maybe it wasn't that bad but I definitely went way more then I should.

Now I look back and think about how dumb I was now that I know friends who have dealt with numerous skin cancer spots, not to mention the sun marks and extra wrinkles I have from wanting to be tan.

I totally get wanting to be tan - hello, my husband is Indian and is much darker than me 100% of the time and our son is ALSO darker than me 100% of the time so sometimes it's nice to just want to get a healthy looking glow just for the heck of it and not be the only pasty white member of our family...or for special occasions of course!

BUT. Tanning in a bed is so not good for you. Learn from my mistakes. STOP TANNING, PEOPLE! There's a much safer option! (And no, this isn't an ad. ;))

Last month my girl Morgan from construction2style and I threw a fun event called Brews + Brands and one of our amazing sponsors, Go Glow, gave Morgan and me a free tan!

I was incredibly intimidated to get my first tan. My next door neighbor has gotten one before so I asked her a MILLION questions, I read and reread the instructions numerous times and even googled stuff (like do I wear a swimsuit? underwear? NOTHING?!?). 

I got to Go Glow with exfoliated, non-lotioned, no makeup skin, wearing dark sweatpants and tshirt feeling somewhat prepared. When the adorable Margo checked me and asked about if I put lotion on, etc, I proudly told her all about me following the rules. However I only partly followed the rules. Turns out you shouldn't use Aveda exfoliator (because of the oils) and you should exfoliate 48 hours in advance (not 4). Oops. 

Not to worry though! Margo assured me it didn't really matter for the first time but just to remember for my next tan so it stays on longer. She told me everything that was about to happen for my tan so I felt completely comfortable (in case you were wondering I kept my bra and undies on...I'm breastfeeding so it's best to not tan the girls...), brought me to my room and she got to work! After about 10 minutes I was completely done - tanned, dried and lotioned.

I left with some of their recommended body wash and lotion to help me keep my tan a bit longer (not a necessity, just a recommendation - and no, there was absolutely no pressure to buy anything!).

At first I was overly careful to not touch anything with my skin but like Margo told me, a Go Glow tan isn't going to turn all of my furniture orange. I even sat on my ivory dining room chairs and nothing came off! A little bit came off on my sheets overnight but came out the next day in the wash. Easy peasy!

The following day for our event, I had glowing tan skin! And nobody even knew! I told a few friends I got a Go Glow tan done and they were so surprised. After that, I was hooked! My biggest fear was looking fake but it is definitely the most natural looking "fake" tan I've ever got.

I've even gone back for tan #2 for the Minnstafahion event for Minnesota Fashion Week! I happened to get the tan the day of the event but again, nobody even knew I got a Go Glow tan beforehand. 

I waited a few days to tell my husband I got a tan, thinking he would notice, but it wasn't until after I told him I got a tan did he even realize it! Now THAT says something to how natural they look!

Overall I am SO impressed with Go Glow. It is far from a pretentious, stuffy salon and is so warm, inviting and girly-fun! Margo was absolutely amazing and did a fantastic job for both of my tans. She didn't make me feel dumb for having never gotten a tan before and even put up with my crying baby for my entire 2nd tan. I really and truly love Go Glow!

So if you ever need a tan for an upcoming wedding or date night or just want to get a bit of a glow, go see the Go Glow girls and tell them Jen sent you!

  • Jennifer Biswas
  • lifestylestyle

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