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  • top 10 tips for surviving pregnancy
  • Jennifer Biswas
  • pregnancy/baby

top 10 tips for surviving pregnancy

Pregnancy is no joke. Your body's changing every day, your hormones are out of control and you have this whole labor and delivery to prepare for {not to mention you're soon going to be in charge of taking care of tiny human...}.

Now that my pregnancy is done I want to share some tips and tricks that nobody told me before I was pregnant that would have been really helpful to know. Hopefully you find these useful!


1. Park in a spot where a car can't park next to your driver side door (by a median or cart rack). I was a half an inch away from not being able to get into my car one day when a woman parked too close to me and I could barely suck in my 8 month sized pregnant belly to get into my car.

2. Don't drink a full glass of water and then take your dog on a walk. You will get half way done and have to pee so bad that you contemplate peeing in the alley.


3. By month 8 you will be up no less then 3 times to pee no matter how little water you drink. My month 9 it's more like 6 times. Think of it as your body preparing yourself for when the baby comes. But instead of being up for an hour feeding a newborn, you can blindly walk to the bathroom and be back in bed within one minute. When you think about it that way it makes it far less annoying.

4. Use as many pillows as necessary to sleep comfortably. I used one king size pillow under my belly, one behind me to lean on and one small one in between my knees. {Thankfully we have a king size bed or my husband would've had to sleep somewhere else.}

5. Give in to your cravings. My husband would find me crying in our closet {for some reason I thought this was the best place to have a pregnancy meltodwn} and insist we go out for Dairy Queen. The second the ice cream hit my lips I was instantly happy.

Yes, this was after a meltdown.

6. Take everything that people say to you about being pregnant or having a newborn with a grain of salt. Just because their baby didn't wear newborn size clothes doesn't mean yours won't (and vice versa). I had people say that our baby will only be in size 0 diapers for a week. Roy stayed in them for almost 2 months. Every baby is different! You'll figure it out. And if you run out of something, there's always Amazon Prime Now.

7. When it comes to drinking coffee (and other controversial food/drink subjects), do what what your comfortable with (and what you and your dr agree on). My dr said I can have one cup of coffee every day. I actually didn't want any coffee the first trimester but after that I had a daily cup of joe until I gave birth. Some people give up coffee! That's fine too! Do whatever your comfortable with no matter what judgement you get from other people.

8. Take bump pictures. You don't have to plaster them all over social media {but if you want to, go for it! you should be proud of that growing belly!} but it's fun to document how your body changes. I wish I would have done a week by week photo but I did take photos through the whole pregnancy. 

9. If you don't love being pregnant {I didn't!} find something you do love about it to focus on. I had a fairly easy pregnancy but I still wasn't a huge fan of being pregnant. One thing I did love was feeling Roy move and watching my stomach move around right before bed. It was crazy to think that there was a tiny human who was growing in my belly! 

10. Lean forward when you pee. I would sit down to go to the bathroom and barely anything would come out. I read somewhere to lean forward so you're as parallel to the floor as possible to get the pee flowing {it gets really hard the bigger you get}. It actually works. Trust me.

I hope these help you survive those 40+ weeks of pregnancy! And in case you need some tips for staying fashionable while pregnant check out our first trimester and second trimester tips!

Be sure to swing over to my Instagram to see fun pics of post-pregnancy life as well as shop update and style tips! And if you want 10% off your first order and to keep in the loop of everything Paisley + Sparrow be sure to sign up for our newsletter

  • Jennifer Biswas
  • pregnancy/baby

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