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  • what you actually need to pack in your hospital bag
  • Jennifer Biswas

what you actually need to pack in your hospital bag

Before Roy was born I spent countless hours on the internet looking for lists about what to bring to the hospital when you have your baby. When it actually came time to use the things on these lists, I realized that most of them had you pack WAY more than you actually need and most of them didn't have things that I actually wanted! Thankfully we live 5 minutes from the hospital so Rishi ended up going home and getting stuff that I actually wanted.

Every person is different in what they will want and need when they deliver their baby but here are the things that I think you definitely should pack...and also what you DON'T need!

For you:

1. Nursing bra and/or nursing tank (if you're planning on nursing)

2. Nursing cover (you may not use it but it's nice to have - especially ones that double as a car seat cover like Milk Snob's in case it's cold when you leave the hospital)

3. Leggings (I brought sweatpants when I had Roy but wanted leggings so the ice pack/pad/witch hazel sandwhich in my mesh undies stayed up where it was supposed to. I have Blanqi's post partum leggings for this time around!)

4. Outfit to go home in (something loose or stretchy since you'll still look quite a few months pregnant)

5. Robe (ideal for when guests pop in so you don't flash them)

6. Slippers (I wasn't a huge fan of walking around the room barefoot and didn't want to wear socks all the time)

7. Sweatshirt that zips or cardigan style (easy access to nurse but perfect if you are chilly and the robe isn't warm enough. Another item Rishi brought back with him that I didn't originally pack!)

8. Toiletries (toothpaste, toothbrush, contacts/glasses, shampoo, small loofah, etc. I like bringing my own travel shampoo and conditioner but )

9. Hair product + flat iron/curling iron (Totally personal preference on this! I brought product to allow my hair to air dry but also a flat iron because I know I would get annoyed by my crazy cowlicks if I didn't do something with them. If you're someone who does their hair every single day my guess is you'll want to do it at the hospital. If you're someone who never does their hair, chances are you aren't going to starting doing it with a newborn.)

10. Makeup (same as above! I brought my "everyday makeup" - foundation, blush, mascara (although this time I got eyelash extensions so no need for mascara!) - so I felt more like myself especially for photos. You may want your entire makeup kit or you may be fine with just some face lotion.)

11. Phone charger

12. Camera

13. Computer/iPad/Magazine (you'll have downtime so have stuff to pass the time especially if your hospital doesn't have Netflix on their tvs yet...like ours...boooooo)

14. Extension cord - your plug in might be far from the bed so throw one in just in case!

Things for baby

1. An installed carseat (you won't need to bring the carseat in until you're leaving but be sure it's installed and ready to go!)

2. A going home outfit 

3. An outfit to take your "we had a baby" announcement in (We get our kids "Hi. I'm ___" onesies from Hi.Little.One and take their photo in the hospital to post on social media. I also can't wait to share news so if you want to do a proper photo shoot when you get home then definitely don't bring this outfit to the hospital.)

Optional items

1. Breastfeeding pillow (bobby/Breast friend/etc) - I brought one and used it in the hospital but then never really used it at home. If you think you're going to use it then I suggest bringing it and the lactation consultants can help you figure out how to use it.

2. Your own pillow - if you need your own pillow to get any sleep then definitely bring it.

3. Eye mask - if you need pitch black to sleep this will come in handy

4. Hemorrhoid cream - I got really bad hemorrhoids with Roy and hated waiting for the cream to be ordered and delivered! I'm bringing my own so I can apply it right away if I get them again. :)

Things you don't need

1. Diapers/wipes - the hospital has plenty of these for you to use (and take home!)

2. Nipple cream - again, the hospital has lots for you to use

3. Tons of clothes for baby - they will be in little white shirts and swaddles that the hospital provides most of the time! We put Roy in a onesie for a photo and when they took him to a check up we never got it back. I would just wait until you're ready to go home before you put them in special clothes!

4. Nice clothes for yourself - post birth is pretty nasty so until you've showered you likely won't want to put anything nice on that might get ruined

You may disagree with some of the things on this list and I might be missing a few obvious things! My biggest takeaway from having Roy was I really didn't need a whole lot other than my daily essentials to help me feel like myself. People who visit are likely very close friends and family and don't expect to see you in your Sunday best!

  • Jennifer Biswas

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